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The mission of Huschka House is to provide homeless young adults in Northeast Tennessee with a safe living environment, affordable housing, and supportive services in order to ensure lifelong stability and success. Huschka House promotes equality and acceptance for all young adults.


The goal of our Transitional Living Program is to assist young adults who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless and help them get back on their feet. In this program, they will learn and develop the necessary skills to successfully live independently.

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Did You Know?

  • 500 +/- kids age out of foster care each year in Tennessee

  • 16-27% of them are homeless within the first two years

  • Youth who have experienced chronic trauma may lack basic life and decision making skills

  • 40% of young adults move back home even if it had been abusive or unhealthy.

  • Researchers agree that brain development continues through age 25.

  • There is a cyclical, generational affect of trauma which can derail a youth’s ability to live independently.

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We help them with:

  • Affordable housing

  • Life Skills

  • Case management

  • Counseling services

They help themselves by:

  • Identifying personal and professional goals

  • Working and saving money to transition to fully independent living

  • Going to school

  • Learning to live cooperatively in an unsupervised setting 

  • Learning life skills

  • Attending weekly house meetings

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